To rent a car from iRent please:
- Provide Documents: Passport and Driving License
- Make Rental Payment: Cash or Credit/Debit card
- Leave Security Deposit: Credit/Debit card
- Drive and enjoy your vehicle!
All car rentals from iRent include:
- Use of the Vehicle (Albania and abroad)
- Full Insurance (Liability & Collision)
- Unlimited Kilometers
- Additional Drivers
- 24 Hour Assistance
- All Taxes and VAT (20%)

iRent also offers complimentary:
- Airport Pickup/Return
- Hotel Pickup/Return
- After Hours Service
- Child Seats
- Snow Chains

Car rentals from iRent do NOT include:
- Fuel
- Tickets/Fines
- Green Card Insurance (if driving abroad)
To rent vehicles from iRent every client must present:
- Passport, and
- Driving License
All passports and driving licenses worldwide are accepted.
Yes! All foreign driving licenses are accepted to rent and drive cars from iRent in Albania and abroad.
No International Driving License needed!
Rental payment is made in full when the vehicle is rented by: 
- Cash, or
- Credit/Debit card
* Please note that to avoid exchange rate issues, we recommend all clients pay in Cash in Euro.
Security deposit from € 250 is left when the vehicle is rented by Credit or Debit card.
The security deposit will be returned within one day of the end of the rental, but it may take 5-20 business days to show on your account.
In case of any accident please immediately contact the Police at 112 and iRent at +355 69 402 2000.
iRent staff will quickly resolve all procedures with the authorities and insurance companies.
All rentals from iRent include Liability and Collision insurance for your peace of mind.
If you have been ticketed by the Police, simply present the fine to iRent staff and it will be paid instantly.
Please note that Police in Albania might ticket in distance without notifying you.
Yes! To drive abroad please let us know and we will provide you written authorization.
You can drive our cars to Kosova, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece.
At the border you will be asked to purchase Green Card Insurance which costs 10-40 Euro one time.
Rental Terms (last updated 12/2017)
- iRent authorizes to operate the vehicle the client and any other authorized drivers noted on the rental agreement.
- The client and iRent will inspect the vehicle and any problems will be noted on the rental agreement and will be signed for by both parties.
- iRent will provide a clean vehicle washed inside and out and the client must return it washed.
- iRent will provide the vehicle with fuel and the client must return it at the same level.
- iRent rents vehicles with no theoric mileage limit, while in practice cars are offered with 3000 Km per rental.
- The client agrees to pay in full for the rental and leave security deposit at the moment of signing the rental agreement.
- Credit or Debit card payments can only be processed in ALL at the rate 1 Euro = 145 ALL.
- Rental deposit by credit/debit card will be returned in 5-20 business days after the end of the rental. 
- The client agrees to pay any charges like extra rental days or traffic tickets to receive the security deposit back.
- The client agrees to notify iRent if the vehicle will be driven outside of Albania.
- All iRent vehicles can be driven in Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.
- In case of any accident or theft, the client must contact the police at 112 to receive a police report on the event.
- In case of any accident or theft, the client must contact iRent at +355 69 402 2000.
- If the client is not at fault, then the client is not responsible for the damages.
- If the client is at fault, then the client is responsible for excess up to 10%.
- In case of any problem or if any warning lights show on the dashboard, the client must stop the vehicle and contact iRent.
- The client is responsible for damages to the vehicle as result of using wrong type/bad quality fuel.
- In case of abuse the client is responsible for damages to the interior of the vehicle, tires, hubcaps, rims, undercarriage, and damages or loss of keys.
- The client is responsible for damages as result of using the vehicle outside asphalted roads (off road).
- The client is responsible for damages caused by the use of alcohol or drugs.
- The client is responsible for traffic and parking tickets received during the rental period.
- iRent has the right to terminate the rental if the terms and conditions are breached.